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Are you still living off the goals and dreams of your youth?
Do you feel stuck in a particular area of life and asking ‘is this it?’
Has your career slowed down, become repetitive or plateaued?
Are you struggling with a key relationship?
Is your health and wellbeing demanding attention?
Do you wish you knew yourself better so you could do something about it all?

If you’re answering “Yes” to any of these, I can help.

“I reached out to Ben as I was desperate to feel energized about life again. Since meeting with Ben I have noticed a significant shift to my inner dialogue along with a rejuvenated optimism, focus and drive. 

This has allowed me to deepen my understanding of my real goals and question myself honestly.”

Tommy D, Canada

The truth is that nobody can live our lives for us, we have to work it out for ourselves.

We ignore and hide away from awkward situations, yet they either persist, or worse, keep re-occurring.

We then get caught in frustrating cycles that wear us down and turn us into husks of our former selves.

We end up resorting to quick fixes and quick escapes that become increasingly hollow, unfulfilling, desperate and addictive.

And we end up asking ourselves “Is this it?”

What can we do about it?

We can continue to ignore it, or we can decide to accept it and deal with it.

Both of these choices take courage.

How does it work?

We need a safe place, away from others, where we can experience life without distraction.

We can then start to get comfortable with being our true selves through guided conversations that skillfully introduce key life topics and perspectives.

Then we gradually test these experiences in the ‘real world’ and we feed the results back into the sessions in order to update, confirm and grow the strength of our true individuality.


Who’s the coach?

Hi, I’m Ben, I’ve been some through some heavy shit, and I’ve come out the other side…

In learning how to live and resolve my life I discovered a natural ability to help others develop their ‘life wisdom’ too. It took me a few years to discover exactly what my calling was. I’m so grateful that I persisted.

How to get involved

Try a single session to get the feel for it.

Then decide if you want to take a deep dive – (6 weekly sessions in a row should do it) or go more gradually, either fortnightly or monthly sessions.



I reached out to Ben as I was desperate to feel energized about life again. Since meeting with Ben I have noticed a significant shift to my inner dialogue along with a rejuvenated optimism, focus and drive. This is a huge deal for me. The biggest improvements are the curiosity I now afford my thoughts and the power of intention.

This has allowed me to deepen my understanding of my real goals and question myself honestly which is a completely new feeling that I’m still exploring personally. Through this I’ve been able to remove some unnecessary baggage and put energy into the correct places. I’m already feeling calmer and more in control as well as a more present dad which was one of my main goals.

I have long been told ‘be kind to yourself’ and while that made sense I actually didn’t know how to do that or what it truly meant until working with Ben. I’d say the most effective exercise that helped me connect to my thoughts was to ‘interview my troll’. I found this very funny and went away and learned a lot about what my blocks were. This new curious approach has been a complete game-changer that positively affects almost every aspect of how I now process thoughts and information. I now feel more connected to what matters and, through other exercises, feel like I have the tools to achieve it.

There have been many many great analogies and dots that Ben has helped me connect but one particular moment was in our first session when we did a visualization exercise and it became apparent to me I hadn’t clearly defined my goals, which was a surprise to me as I had naturally felt like I was on a path and it was external things that held me back. This realization was a huge help in understanding why I didn’t feel in control or sense of achievement. From this exercise I was/am now aware of the importance of decluttering and defining goals which has helped me get back on track, feel more in control and strangely lighter as I was able to cut through some BS goals I didn’t really care about. This has brought excitement and hope to the future but also allowed me to review things I had already achieved and forgot to appreciate.

I find the sessions so light and breezy, probably due to how Ben uses his gift of humour to help me relax and get into it. Our sessions are a highlight of my week. I always have at least a handful of ‘oh yeah’ moments, some mind expanding concepts and I always leave with energy, focus and new techniques to try. Ben’s methods have ignited connections that other practitioners were unable to and I wholeheartedly recommend you chat to him.

Tommy D, Canada

Reconnection with my children…
The number one thing Ben helped me to achieve was a reconnection with my children. As a father it’s hard to think of anything more important in life.

My favourite a-ha moment when working with Ben was realising how I could be creating boundaries and transitions between the different roles I play in life, which has allowed me to be more present in each role.

I also experienced the value of acknowledging life ‘as it is right now’ as a fundamental basis/requirement for authentic intentional progress.

From ‘landing’ in the present I have been able to bring more curiosity and playfulness into my creative process – which is deeply satisfying. I had become accustomed to ‘hotwiring’ my creative process.

Ben’s way of working is unpressured and freeing. We went at my pace, not his and there were no hidden agendas about getting ‘results’. It was more about guiding me to become aware of deeper fundamental processes and then enabling me to update and improve upon them.

One additional a-ha moment was noticing the difference between saying ‘and’ instead of ‘but’. It encourages integration rather than a binary approach to the reflection of experience.

Rich, UK

I wanted to get more from my weekly schedule without losing my work-life balance and without it feeling like any more work.

Ben helped me to value the things I am doing, and tap into some deep energy for the things I want more of.

The number one thing I learned was about boundaries and an ability to say no, gently but clearly. I also now have a cork-board on the wall with clear visions and plans which is really helpful.

The sessions were a safe space for conversation, I felt heard, it was fun, and we did some relaxing closed-eye visualisations and used some vivid metaphors, which really brought some key ideas and feelings to life. Thank you Ben. I totally recommend anyone to work with you who wants to create and achieve great things! Yes!

Adam P, Cornwall

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